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The Common Faults and Solutions of Drum Screen

The screening efficiency and screening effect of the drum screen are directly related to correct operation and daily maintenance. Although there is no complicated structure, such as magnetic separators, sorting machines, and other equipment, the drum vibration screening machine will also have some small failures due to various reasons during use. LZZG summarizes the following more important and prone faults for users for the great using effect and gives the corresponding solutions.

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1. Screen clog or slow discharge

Solution: The blockage of the screen usually leads to poor screening effect, so special attention should be paid to avoid its occurrence probability. The effective way is to develop the habit of cleaning the screen holes regularly. When the water content of the material is high and the material on the screen is too thick, the screen hole can be appropriately increased to improve the screening efficiency. If the screen has been damaged, it must be replaced in time.

2. Noise during the screening process

Solution: When abnormal noise or unknown noise occurs, immediately turn off the drum vibrating screen and check whether the fastening bolts or other fasteners are loose or damaged. If the fastener is normal, check the tension of the screen, the degree of wear of the bearing, and whether the spring is damaged.

3. Rotation direction of the trommel screen is wrong

Solution: It is usually caused by wiring errors during installation, and it can be solved by replacing any two power cables in the junction box. LZZG suggests that if you are not clear about the wiring method, you can seek professional help.

4. The slow speed of drum screen

Solution: When the speed of the trommel screen is insufficient due to insufficient power, it is generally caused by the transmission belt is too loose. It is necessary to adjust the tightness of the transmission belt in time. If the belt is too tight or too loose, it will easily break and shorten its life.

5. Drum screen starts slowly

Solution: Generally, the drum vibrating screen is scientifically configured with the type and frequency of the motor according to the conveying capacity and carrying capacity. If the start-up is slow during use, it is usually caused by the overload of the conveying screen and the motor overload.

6. Severe bearing heating

Solution: The severe heating of bearing is caused by poor heat dissipation and poor lubrication. First, check whether the bearing of the roller screen is short of oil, and add lubricant in time. Secondly, clean the bearing. Poor heat dissipation caused by long periods of non-cleaning of bearings is also the cause of temperature rise.

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