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LZZG Ultrasonic Intelligent Scrubber For Quartz Sand Removal

Ultrasonic scrubber is a new type of quartz sand iron removal and purification technology. The ultrasonic cleaning method uses the shock wave generated by ultrasonic cavitation in water to achieve the purpose of iron removal. The main function of ultrasound is to remove the secondary iron contained in the quartz sand and to make the iron-containing impurities on the surface of the quartz sand particles detach and enter the solution.

rotary scrubber

Innovation of Ultrasonic Cleaning Method

1. The speed reducer is directly connected to the rotating shaft to make the rotation more stable. The frequency conversion motor plus belt drive can adjust the spindle speed in a wide range. It is suitable for different materials and different working conditions.

2. Install a high-precision concentration detection sensor. The speed, height adjustment of the rotating impeller, and some parameters can be adjusted quickly.

3. Equipped with ultrasonic level sensor. Through the PLC integrated module, the electric gate of the discharge port is given corresponding instructions, to adjust the opening and closing size of the valve to ensure smooth discharge of materials and achieve a better scrubbing effect.

4. The control box is equipped with a large touch screen, and the equipment operation status and various parameters are displayed.

Why does quartz sand need an ultrasonic scrubber?

Quartz sand is a silicate mineral that is hard, wear-resistant, and chemically stable. Its main mineral component is SiO2. Quartz resources are widely used in the photovoltaic field and are one of the key basic raw materials in the photovoltaic industry. However, impurities such as iron and aluminum in quartz sand will affect product quality and require purification to meet usage requirements. Longzhong ultrasonic scrubber is combined with traditional scrubbing equipment to double the cleaning and impurity removal effect.

Longzhong ultrasonic cleaning devices and traditional scrubbing machine equipment can effectively remove quartz sand attachments. It has the characteristics of good quality, large output, low cost, and simple operation. It can meet the requirements of float glass for high-quality silica sand.

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