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Silica Sand Manufacturing Process For Fracturing

Silica sand for fracturing is made from natural silica sand through screening, processing, and purification, aiming to obtain petroleum proppants with particle size and impurity content that meet the requirements of the original ore. The following will discuss a series of solutions and processes, including the role of oil proppants, the processing technology of silica sand for fracturing, as well as process equipment and washing tail water treatment, to improve the quality of silica sand for oil fracturing.

Silica Sand Manufacturing Process For Fracturing

Petroleum proppant performance requirements

1. The proppant must have strong compressive strength and wear resistance to effectively support artificial fractures.

2. The density must meet the requirements and be easy to pump into the well, so the relative density must be low.

3. Under the condition of 200℃, it does not react chemically with other substances.

Petroleum proppant types

The proppant is natural sand or artificial high-strength ceramic solid particles with a certain particle size and strength, a certain sphericity and gradation. According to the actual application of proppants, proppants can be divided into quartz sand proppants, artificial ceramic proppants, and coated proppants, among which quartz sand accounts for 50% of the market share.

Silica sand manufacturing process for fracturing

For quartz ore, the commonly used fracturing sand processing technologies include feed crushing, screening and impurity removal, scrubbing and desludging, secondary cleaning, dehydration and drying, fine screening, and tailwater recovery and reuse. Through combined operations, mineral impurities in the material are removed to obtain quartz sand for fracturing with particle size and impurity content that meet the requirements.

Advantages of silica sand for fracturing

Made from natural quartz sand through screening, processing, and purification. It has the characteristics of good sphericity, high compressive strength, low crushing rate, and strong flow conductivity. It is used in underground operations in oil fields. The practice has shown that oil wells fracturing with quartz sand proppants can increase production by 30-50% and extend the service life of oil and gas wells.

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