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Low Water Consumption Sand Washing Plant


The sand washing plant is a streamlined operation composed of vibrating feeders, screening machines, sand washing machines and other equipment connected by belt conveyors. Driven by urbanization, the construction industry has higher quality standards for construction sand. In order to meet environmental protection requirements, the majority of sand field owners have invested in low water consumption sand washing plant.

Low Water Consumption Sand Washing Plant

Low water consumption sand washing plant processing capacity

There is a processing tank inside the sand washing machine. By increasing the overflow height of sand and gravel materials or reducing the inclination angle, the processing area of mechanical equipment can be increased, and the working efficiency and production capacity of the bucket sand washing machine can be improved. The adjustment of the diameter of the impeller of the sand washing equipment is related to the screen size of the sand washing machine.

In addition, the operation and adjustment of the bucket sand washing machine will also affect the working efficiency of the bucket sand washing machine. From this aspect, the production capacity of the bucket sand washing machine can be adjusted.

Sand Washing Plant

Good low water consumption sand washing plant performance

At the beginning of the design, the sand washing machine combines the specific production conditions of the user and the advantages of other sand washing equipment and integrates new production technologies. So the sand washing plant has stable performance, strong sand washing ability, simple structure, low water and energy consumption convenient and fast maintenance. Sand washing plant has a good sand washing effect, and the quality of finished sand after washing is high. The granularity of the discharge can be adjusted to achieve the production of sand and stone with different fineness, which meets the user’s various production requirements.

The high-efficiency water spray effect of our new wheel bucket sand washing machine can make the finished sand without water after spraying water from the sand washing machine. The finished sand after being washed by three sand washing machines is transported by the finished product conveyor into a finished material pile. This set of washing sand production line can reduce the mud content of sand to below 2%, which can meet the requirements of users for washing sand.

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