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How to Set A Screw Sand Washer

The screw sand washer is an indispensable and important equipment in the production of sand and gravel, which can remove the dust on the surface of the sand and gravel, make the sand cleaner and have better quality. But how to set a screw sand washer at working site? This article has compiled related content for your reference.

how to set a screw sand washer


Installation Precautions

1. Shall be installed on a horizontal concrete foundation and fixed with anchor bolts.

2. When installing, pay attention to the main body and vertical.

3. After installation, check whether the bolts in all parts are loose, and tighten them if necessary.

4. Configure the power cord and control switch according to the power of the device.

5. After the inspection is completed, a no-load test run is performed, and the test run can be carried out normally.

Items to check before starting

1. Whether the transmission system is operating normally and the speed is complete.

2. Whether the operation of the sand washer is sensitive and reliable.

3. Whether the lubrication system is complete, the pipeline is complete, and the oil circuit is smooth.

4. Whether the electrical system of the sand washer is reliable and sensitive.
5. Whether the sliding part is operating normally, there is serious pulling, grinding, bruising and crack damage in each sliding part.

sand screw

Repair and maintenance

1. Always check the oil level of the reducer, the tightness of the V-belt, the degree of gear meshing and lubrication, and whether the connecting fasteners are loose. The machine must be in a normal and stable working state. At the same time, it is necessary to fully lubricate each friction part, and regularly add grease.

2. The bearing part of the sand washer is a component that is easy to be damaged. It is subject to heavy wear during use, so regular maintenance is required, and regular lubrication is added to increase the bearing life. Generally check once every 2 months of work, and should be replaced immediately when the wear is severe.

3. In daily use, pay attention to the noise of the machine at any time.

4. The electrical equipment of large sand washing equipment must have a reliable grounding device. In addition, the wires should be reliably insulated and housed in snake skin tubes. Always check the motor wiring for wear and leakage to avoid accidents.

5. Seasonal maintenance of sand washing equipment is also very important, mainly to change oil, fuel oil, antifreeze, and increase refrigeration facilities.

6. During the use of the sand washer, a dedicated technician should be responsible for the care, and the operator needs to have certain skills. Before installation of the sand washing machine, the operator must be trained in technical operations to understand the principle and performance of the sand washing machine and be familiar with the operating procedures.

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