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High Purity Quartz Sand Processing Plant

The quartz sand process plant mainly includes crushing, screening, cleaning, grinding, impurity removal, purification, drying, and packaging. The purpose is to remove small or trace impurities in quartz sand and obtain highly difficult separation technology of refined quartz sand or high-purity quartz sand. Quartz sand is a kind of stone made of finely processed natural crystal stone, silica, and quartzite. It can be used to make various glasses, as water treatment filter material, or as blank material and shaft material for ceramics and refractory porcelain.

quartz sand processing

How is silica sand processed?

1. Feeding & Screening

The quartz sand enters the vibrating screen through the feeder to screen out qualified sand and gravel. Materials below 2mm enter the scrubbing machine for cleaning. Particles above 2mm are transported to the waste pile via a belt conveyor.

2. Washing & Dewatering

Quartz sand with a particle size of less than 2 mm is sent to the scrubbing machine to clean the stone powder and dust, and the impurities attached to the ore surface are washed away, and then enter the spiral wash for the second cleaning. The material cleaned by the spiral washer enters the dewatering screen for dehydration. The sand and water mixture is extracted from the cleaning tank into the slurry pump. The fine sand is collected by the centrifugal force of cyclone, and then fed to the polyurethane screen from the apex spray.

3. Grading process

The dehydrated material enters the hindered settler through the collection box, and the particles are separated into 140-70 mesh, 70-40 mesh, 40-20 mesh, and below 20 mesh under the resistance of gravity settlement and fluid. In the hindered settler, the suspension enters the interior of the equipment through the inlet, and the particles settle downwards under the action of gravity. At the same time, the fluid is decelerated by the resistance inside the equipment, so that the particles are not carried away by the fluid during the settling process. Eventually, the particles form a settling layer at the bottom of the equipment and are discharged through the discharge port.

4. Magnetic separation and Purifying process

Particles of different sizes pass through the spiral chute and enter the magnetic separator for magnetic separation. They are separated under the action of magnetic force to remove the iron magnetic substances contained in the quartz sand. Then it enters the fine sand recovery machine for dehydration and fine material recovery. The final product is fine quartz sand.

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