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Gravity Thickening of Sludge

The gravity thickening of sludge is mainly processed by the gravity sedimentation and solid-liquid separation of the high-efficiency thickener. The high-efficiency thickener can concentrate the slurry with a solids content of 10%-20% by gravity sedimentation into an underflow slurry with a solids content of 45%-55%. With the help of the slow-running rake in the thickener, the thickener underflow slurry is discharged from the underflow port at the bottom of the thickener.

sand washing

Gravity thickening of sludge process

The thickener is mainly composed of a circular deep cone thickening tank and a rake scraper. The solid particles suspended in the slurry in the thickening tank settle under the action of gravity, and the upper part becomes clarified water, so that the solid and liquid can be separated. The sludge deposited on the bottom of the thickening tank is continuously scraped and collected by a rake scraper to the center of the bottom of the pool and discharged, while the clarified water overflows from the upper edge of the thickening tank.

Flocculant effect

The use of flocculants will affect the size and unity of the final group. Therefore, the mixing speed and the amount of medicament added must be determined according to the slurry concentration and particle size during use. Before the slurry is fed, the contained gas must be exhausted and fed directly into the sedimentary layer. Ensuring the thickness of the sedimentary layer is an important measure to improve concentration efficiency. In the processing plant, the surface of the concentrated material will contain a certain collector, which is easily adsorbed on the surface of the tiny bubbles and floats up therewith and seriously affects the quality of the overflow. Therefore, the degassing of the slurry is very important for the concentration operation. In addition, the main function of the sedimentary layer is to filter out the solid particles of the slurry, and sufficient thickness is the prerequisite to ensure the effective separation of the solid particles.

The new deep cone structure of the LZZG thickener greatly strengthens the flocculation effect of the flocculant on solid particles. The newly established flocculant addition system also increases the particle size of the settled solid particles, thereby accelerating the settling speed. Compared with traditional thickeners, this thickener is more efficient. The unit processing capacity is increased by 2-3 times, and the energy consumption is saved by 30%, which can effectively treat all kinds of sludge, wastewater and waste residue.

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