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Carbon Dewatering Screen for Dehydrating and Screening in South America

Carbon dewatering screen is a high-efficiency dewatering and screening device for fine-grained dry/wet screening, dewatering, desilting, and desliming operations in coal preparation, mineral processing, and other industries. The application of the dewatering screen is at the beginning of the coal industry, and then widely used in the ore industry. So can the carbon dewatering screen really play an effective role in practical production applications?

carbon dewatering screens

1. High material dewatering rate

According to the physical characteristics of the material, the moisture content of the dehydrated material is 12% -15%, which can be easily transported, loaded into a truck or placed. Dewatering screens are a low-cost solution that can increase the finished sand output of the production line.

2. Customized screen plate reduces costs

The dewatering screen can be designed and customized according to the different materials. According to different sizes and different materials of sieve plates, different materials can be screened. Dewatering screens can also be designed with multi-layered screens to facilitate the handling of different materials. Using one dewatering screen for multiple products can reduce the overall footprint of the equipment and reduce capital and operating costs.

3. Equipment collocation is more efficient

Dewatering screens are suitable for many applications and are used for dewatering and screening of various materials.

The combination of hydrocyclone separator with a dewatering screen creates a fine sand recovery system with higher efficiency and processing capacity. The lost fine sand can be recycled back by hydrocyclone. Cyclone overflow is the only outlet point for fine material and the material is recovered under high pressure. The combination of the dewatering screen and the hydro-cyclone allows the material to be washed and recycled before entering the sedimentation tank.

4. Various granularity can be handled

Dewatering screens can not only reduce the moisture of the material but also can screen the materials to different grain sizes depends on your requirements. The mesh size of the dewatering screen panel can be customized from 0.5-400 mesh particles. The screen surface of the dewatering screen is designed to be a medium layer that can be filtered and screened, so that material that can pass through normally is retained when water passes. Especially when combined with hydro cyclone or separator, the dewatering screen is very effective in ensuring the material dewatering screen.

carbon dewatering screen

The carbon vibrating dewatering screen conforms to the requirements of environmental protection and energy saving for industrial buildings, and the finished product is equipped with reasonable sand and gravel, and the fineness modulus can be adjusted, low noise, low vibration, less dust, large output, less pollution, simple maintenance. In conclusion, the carbon dewatering screen plays an important role in the actual production and application and is also an indispensable good helper for many users.

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