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7 Ways to Improve The Sand Washer Machine Efficiency

The sand washer machine will affect the sand washing effect and efficiency due to various problems in the long-term production and operation process. Introducing 7 ways to improve the efficiency of the sand washer machine.

sand washing process

1. Prevent debris from entering

The cleanliness and mud content of sand is one of the reasons for the decline in the output of sand washing machines. During the cleaning process of the sand washer, impurities should be avoided to affect the cleaning effect of the finished product. In addition, it is necessary to prevent materials with high hardness from entering the inside of the machine, causing wear and tear to the equipment and reducing the service life.

2. Material concentration

The material concentration is also related to the processing capacity. The processing capacity of the sand washing machine reaches its maximum under the critical concentration. The critical concentration is related to the specified graded particle size and varies with the density of the ore and the mud content. The higher the ore density or the lower the mud content, the higher the critical concentration, and vice versa. The relationship between the critical concentration and the graded particle size is the same as that of the mud content, that is, the lower the graded particle size, the smaller the critical concentration.

3. Sand and gravel properties

The production capacity of the sand washing machine is related to the properties of the sand and gravel, including the hardness, density, mud content, particle size, etc. of the sand and gravel material. Factors such as uneven sand and gravel materials can affect the processing capacity of sand washing equipment.

4. Reasonably control the liquid level

The liquid level is too low to achieve the cleaning effect. The excessive liquid level will cause ore overflow and wastewater resources. The number of materials to be cleaned at one time must be within the specified range, otherwise, it will be prone to failure.

5. Installation location

The sand washer should be placed on a hard surface. There must be sufficient production space to ensure stable delivery and production of materials. The cleaned machine-made sand should have sufficient storage space to avoid secondary pollution. Do not place it close to the water source, as it is prone to collapse.

6. Operation technology

Operation errors can also cause the low output of the sand washer. The poor technical level will affect the normal operation of the equipment, and will greatly reduce the production efficiency of the sand washing machine.

7. Daily inspection

A. Checking whether there are residual impurities in the wheel bucket, discharge port, water storage tank, etc. If necessary, remove them immediately, and make sure that all the passages of each component are unobstructed and tidy.

B. Checking the firmness of the anchor bolts. The loose bolts must be firm, and the stability of the connection of each component of the equipment must be ensured.

C.Equipment feeding should be ensured continuously and evenly.

D. To ensure sufficient and clean lubricating oil for rotating bearings and reducer, at the same time, it is necessary to select a suitable lubricating agent to increase it.

E. The sand washer should be cleaned in time after use, otherwise, the pipeline will be blocked after a long time.

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