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What is the size of coarse sand, medium sand and fine sand?


How to distinguish coarse sand, medium sand and fine sand?

According to the magnitude of the particle size, divide collected materials into coarse and fine style, and different functions of particle sizes are used different sizes. The boundary dimension of the coarse and fine collected materials for cement concrete is 4.75 millimeters; While when it used in bituminous mixture, its boundary dimension is 2.36 millimeters. The particle size is larger than the boundary size are coarse collected materials, and the rest are fine collected materials.
In civil engineering, particle size > 4.75 mm are coarse aggregates, it can also called “stone“; The aggregates with particle sizes > 0.15mm and < 4.75 mm are fine aggregates, also known as “sand“.

Gravel is > 2 mm, also called gravel stone. < 2 millimeters called sand. In folk, it was called sand in architecture, gravel in geology. There is no relationship with the ingredients. Although stone and sand without any strict boundary, geology divides boundaries by 2mm. Gravel sand refers to a sand which content of gravel grain in sand stone that account for 25% to – 50% in total quality (particle size > 2 mm).

The standard of sand used in architecture: refers to rock fragments that its particle sizes < 5 mm , form and accumulate in natural waters such as lakes, seas, and rivers. It can also be the rock detritus that has accumulated in the proper topography of the mountains after weathering of rock mass.

The index of the degree of thickness and category of natural sand particle size is called fineness modulus.

MX——fineness modulus
A0.15——The cumulative percentage of screen residue on the 0.15 millimeters of particle size (%); and the rest are analogized.

Natural sand: rock particle with the particle size < 5 mm, formed by natural conditions, and divided into river sand, sea sand, mountain sand according to its original place. The thickness of sand is divided into 4 levels on the basis of fineness modulus.

Coarse sand: its fineness modulus is 3.7-3.1, the average particle size is over 0.5 mm.

Medium sand: its fineness modulus is 3.0—2.3, the average particle size is 0.5—0.35 mm.

Fine sand: its fineness modulus is 2.2—1.6, the average particle size is 0.35—0.25 mm.

Super-fine sand: its fineness modulus is 1.5一0.7, the average particle size is below 0.25 mm.

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