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Water sand ashing machinery and equipment should pay attention to the use of waste water



At the mention of sand  washing mechanical equipment, we usually think of cleaning sand, since it is certainly near the river sand river, rich in water resources, but also some people will not consider the problem of water In fact, this view is wrong, the shortage of water resources is a problem of cleaning sand a commonplace talk of an old scholar, is the main pollution. If the clean water discharged directly into the river will cause direct pollution to the river, the impact of the downstream ecological environment, the environmental protection department will find you talk.
Actually cleaning sand from the river after the wastewater is very simple as long as the construction of a sedimentation tank, because the sand washing machine is a mechanical without any chemical ingredients and river sand cleaning wastewater containing dirt, sand washing machine just to separation, only needs sedimentation tank sedimentation filtration can get clean water two times of repeated use, need not carry coals to Newcastle in the discharged into the river.

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And if it is in the dry land sand washing, then the water problem has become a big problem. A lot of people do not understand why you want to dry land sand washing, because machine-made sand are of various rock crushing to obtain, since use rock is, of course, stone in the mountains or hilly areas, this place no river water is lacking.
The water demand is particularly important for drying sand washing, so each battle must be equipped with multiple filtration and sedimentation of precipitating pool, which in the early site planning should advance design must facilitate drainage and water. This not only solves the lack of water to solve the problem of pollution, to know the dry land washing sand is not a direct discharge of waste water, can only be discharged directly to the surface, will make the site around the lake.
Concluded in a word, both cleaning sand or sand mechanism must be equipped with sedimentation tank of wastewater sedimentation and filtration, the protection of the environment is everyone’s responsibility.

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