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The composition and usage characteristics of the screw sand washing machine



The composition and usage characteristics of the screw sand washing machine. The size of the screw sand washing  machine part is very simple, can be roughly divided into three parts, including the spindle, and washing sand machine trough and its leaves, in the sand washing equipment in spiral sand washing machine is relatively large, which is a direct and its capacity is proportional to, for the industry concerned spiral sand washing machine is widely, but the role of other sand washing machine also cannot be ignored, because each machine equipment to the processing of the materials are not the same, each machine sand washing equipment can relatively sand according to the characteristics of their own processing. The long will come as we introduce the working principle of spiral sand washing machine.
Spiral sand washing machine mainly is the mortar materials, grading and cleaning, which can guarantee gravel material for construction use and checking the quality of well sand washing machine at work is mainly by the weight of the material in a tank of the settling velocity of different principles of the different, specific in general is this: pulp first after fine grinding process and then conveyed to the feed port, through the sink into the lower end of the used for pulp washing sand machine subsidence area. In this region, low speed rotary screw axis continuous on mortar mixing, stirring process will be part of finer particles because light weight suspended in the upper, and finally become overflow through the overflow side weir at the outflow to continue on into the next one ore dressing process; at the same time coarser particles for sinks to the bottom of the tank to form coarse sand, this part of the coarse sand can according to need to directly from the row ore mouth used screw conveying line out, can be used as abrasive material for the other equipment.
Screw washing sand machine in use is also divided into two, a is used in railway washing sand blasting equipment is another common sand production line machinery and equipment, the difference between them lies in shaft and the groove depth, so as to give users more choice. So that the user can according to their own processing of stone to choose a spiral sand washing machine. For sand washing machine after use after shutdown to clean, to avoid the mortar on the mechanical body causing decay, flushing timely to prevent this, but also parts of protection, regular inspection is essential for the maintenance of, found in the leaf of cracks or wear to the timely and effective repair, to avoid influence system sand production line and the construction site production

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