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Vibro Screens Performance Better

Along with the advancement of industrialization and the pressure of the global construction industry overcapacity exacerbated,Many reached its zenith system sand factories are faced with huge clearance, stop, turn, and pressure. Government departments emphasizes the environment protect a lot to improve the quality of our ecological environment.

So, does your factory still use the traditional sand making process? You need not worry too much, new environmental technology applied in the vibro screens will bring you amazing result.

vibrating dewatering screen

Based on the system of sand production line process design experience for many years, LZZG produce dewatering screen lightly and ingeniously structured, easy installation, fully meet the requirements of environmental protection department. Using advanced polyurethane screen mesh as the main consumables sieve dehydration,its self-cleaning performance, no blocking by the hole, high screening efficiency, to make the whole equipment a longer service life.

Due to the elastic polyurethane screen mesh using wire rope as skeleton material, plus polyurethane itself has very high elastic modulus, absorbing shocks of high strength, high wear resistance,Its service life will be higher than common metal net for 8 to 10 times.

We adopt rubber spring as bases of four angles bearing damping.Spiral composite spring have the characteristics of nonlinear damping and the rubber spring and metal spring characteristics of big deformation and bearing capacity, the stability and bearing capacity due to the rubber spring.

You use a sieve dehydration can make the finished product sand water content reduced to less than 15%, and can be designed according to actual condition size and layer number.Welcome users to my company on-the-spot investigation for choosing and buying!

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