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A pebble dewatering screen——A better presentation of the product sand


Many companies include state-owned enterprises , are industrial need to replace the high energy consumption , pollution of large equipment, prompting enterprises in the sewage inputs increase , environmental protection equipment put into use , not only can environmental assessment standards, and has good benefit .Sand sieve dehydration is the solution of water, mud, sand and gravel industry sand separation .


LZZG independently researched and designed a pebble dewatering screen for sand factory , sand water separation is a new type of dewater vibrating screen , is the core equipment in sand factory processing , general sand concentration from 18% to 60% , after dewatering screen processing , oversize sand moisture content can be up to 15% , some even reached 12% , completely can achieve dry heap and transportation .

Recently, a TS1845 models of sieve dehydration export to Albania , got the client’s praise: “this sieve dehydration processing capacity is big, high screening efficiency . In the past , the product sand must be air-dried to sell, because clients often complained about the high mud content , after purchasing a pebble dewatering screen, we employ small energy consumption not only reduced the field takes up, improve the production of sand, but also sells a lot better than before.”


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