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The solution to losing quality fines


The solution to this problem is to use mechanical separation as the means of classification rather than gravity.This involves using a hydrocyclone based system like our LZ sand washing plant.


It gives you unrivalled control over your silt cut point – the specification of your cyclone set up is determined after extensive material testing to determine the proportion of minus 200 mesh material to be removed.The minus 200 mesh material exits the overflow at the top of the cyclone with the waste water and this is sent to your settling ponds. The sand fraction exits the cyclone at the bottom, ready for dewatering and stockpiling.

This has a number of benefits:

  1. Eliminate the loss of quality fines to your settling ponds, maximizing your product yield and minimizing operational costs .
  2. The space required to accommodate your settling ponds is reduced
  3. Guarantee production of sand specifications in line with the requirements of your customers or your downstream processes.
  4. Reduced health & safety risks on site thanks to the removal of the requirement to regularly clean out your ponds for reprocessing.

5.By reducing the requirement for large settling ponds you are also reducing health & safety risks for your neighbours, inquisitive youth and wildlife.


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