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Sand recycling machine service with us


Longzhong machinery as a sand recycling machine manufacturers, in order to obtain sustainable development, on the basis of ongoing efforts to optimize the internal environment, but also need to make timely adjustments according to changes in the external environment. We sand recycling machine manufacturer should always continue to strengthen their sense of service, the service awareness into their own factory culture. To always thinking about how to improve the sand recycling machine products to satisfy customer needs and maximize customer value. Our company produces sand Bailing machinery recycling machine in addition to good quality, was the favorite outside, our service is first class, allow you to experience not only the purchase of equipment, as well as worry-free service, our Service includes the following three aspects

First, the pre-service

1, the device type selection

2, according to the special requirements of customers, design and manufacture products

3, customer training and technical personnel

4, the company free of charge to the user site engineering and technical personnel to the site for users planning, design the best processes and programs

Second, the sale contents

1, product acceptance

2, to help customers formulate construction scheme

Third, after-sale protection

1, free to assign a dedicated service personnel arrived at the scene to guide installation and commissioning

2, on-site training of the operating personnel


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