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Tailings dewatering screen in sludge treatment

Typical sludge treatment process includes four stages of treatment or disposal.

First stage:  sludge thickening; The main purpose is to reduce the sludge initial capacity and reduce the volume or equipment capacity of the subsequent processing structures.

Second stage:  sludge digestion; Decompose organic matter in sludge.

Third stage:  sludge dewatering; Further reduce the sludge;

Fourth stage:  sludge disposal; Some way will be used to eliminate the final sludge.

However, the liquid or filtrate produced in the above stages still contains a large amount of pollutants and they should be sent back to the sewage treatment system for treatment.


Longzhong sewage treatment system has the following advantages:

It solves the problem of environmental pollution, hidden security dangers and large amount of land occupied by traditional tailings.

Save the cost and make full use of the backwater, save the floor area and eliminate the safety hazard of the tailings pond.

Little investment and great benefit.

Tailings dewatering screen in sludge treatment

The final result of tailings dewatering screen.

The water content of the final tailings is less than 15%, which solves the problem of dehydration of tailings.

Cost less than 2 yuan/ton more than traditional craft system;

The service life of the equipment is twice as long as the traditional technology, and the maintenance cost is low;

The combination of concentrated hydrocyclone and efficient multi-frequency dewatering screen is used.

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