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How to replace screen of LZZG slurry treatment system?


LZZG slurry treatment system is the most new type of dewatering device, which can be used in many fields. Because the slurry usually contains a lot of water, there is a certain amount of weight, so the screen will not be able to bear and lead to the serious damage. So you need to change the screen. So how do you change the sieve mesh?

How to replace screen of LZZG slurry treatment system

When installing, make sure to tighten the screen. Because the tightening of screen is the key factor that affects the efficiency of screening;

The network frame should be installed as required to avoid mixing phenomenon;

When installing the platen, be sure to pay attention to leveling. This will not only eliminate the occurrence of mixing, but also prolong the service life of the screen.

When cutting, the width of the linear vibrating screen and the net frame should be consistent, and the length should be longer than that of the network frame;

After installation, the equipment should be tested with a few materials. If the material is sent forward uniformly and no mixing phenomenon, it can be put into use.

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