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Detailed explanation about sieving of vibrating screen

Sieving is the process of dividing a material with wide granularity into several levels by using a vibrating screen. Screening is generally used for coarser materials, which is greater than 0.25 mm. But do you know the category about sieving?

sieving of vibrating screen

According to the purpose of screening, the screening operation of vibration screen can be divided into five categories:

1. Independent screening

The goal is to get the final product that is suitable for the user.

2. Auxiliary screening

This kind of screening is mainly used in the crushing operation of concentrator, which is helpful to the crushing operation.

3. Prepare screening

The purpose is to prepare for the next process. If the reelection plant is to sieve the material before elimination to get the products of coarse, medium and thin.

4. Selection of screening

If useful components in materials have big different distribution. Through sieving for different grade quality, the low quality of grade will be eliminated.

5. Dehydration screen

The purpose of screening is to remove moisture from the material, which is common in coal washery. In addition, when the mud content of the material is high, it is also used to remove mud.

sieving of vibrating screen

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