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Factors that affect the recycling rate of sand recovery machine

Fine sand recovery machine is a fines extraction equipment that mainly for cleaning, dehydrating and classifying sand and gravel, and recover a lot of fine sand lost from the sand washing machine in the traditional sand making industry. While improving economic efficiency, it reduces the disposal cost of tailings and the pollution and damage caused by the loss of fine sand.

fine sand recovery machine

1. Material particle size

Before the material enters fine sand recovery machine, it is necessary for the operator to check the degree of material breakage. If the feed size of the fine sand recovery machine changes during production, it will be immediately reflected in the recycling process. The finer the better.

2. Hardness of material

The sand with Mohs hardness below 9 is suitable for processed by fine sand recycling machine. For sand with high hardness, although can be recycled, accelerates the wear of the wearing parts and affects the recycling effect.

3. Sand water mixture concentration

The part that can be recycled is the fine sand in discharged water from sand washing machine. Sand water mixture concentration ≤30% is required for fine sand recycling machine. The recycling effect will be effected when with a high concentration.

4. Capacity

The model of fines recycling machine you choosed must matched with the capacity that your sand washing plant processed.

fines recovery machine

5. Separator blade abrasion

After the blade is worn, the amount of sand return will be reduced, and the fineness of the sand will become thicker. If the blade is seriously worn, it will affect the life of the separator. Therefore, the blade wear condition should be checked in time and the worn blade should be replaced in time.

6. Screen damage or bolts loosening

In the operation, if it is found that the amount of fine sand recovery is significantly reduced or a small amount of sand leakage, it is necessary to check whether the screen is broken or the bolts of the fixed screen are loose. In this case, its treatment is to change the screen or tighten the bolts.

7. Sand and gravel properties

The composition and physical properties of the ore have a great influence on the recovery rate of fine sand. For example, when the ore has a coarse particle size and the structure is loose and brittle, it is easier to grind. When the mineral inlay size is fine, the structure is fine and the hardness is large, it is more difficult to recover. In general, the coarse-grained grade is simpler in rough grinding, the faster the qualified particle size occurs, and the finer grinding is more difficult. As the particle size decreases, the fragile surface of the material is correspondingly reduced, that is, it becomes more and more consolidated, so the rate of occurrence of qualified particle size is slower.

8. Equipment factors

Equipment factors have a certain impact on the fine sand recovery rate. For example, the dewatering type fine sand recovery machine has higher recovery rate than the ordinary fine sand recovery machine, and the seventh generation fine sand recovery machine is more automated than the sixth generation fine sand recovery machine.

9. Operating specification

Operational factors undoubtedly will affect the fine sand recovery rate. For example, in closed-circuit grinding, when the sand return ratio is too large and exceeds the normal processing capacity of the fine sand recovery machine, the phenomenon of “running rough” will occur; and if the sand return ratio is too small, or there is no sand return, it is easy to form. To destroy the scene. If the load is too large, the phenomenon of “running rough” is serious; and if the load is lacking, the damage is severe. Therefore, it is required to give the ore uniformity and stability, and the increase in the amount of ore to the mineral will affect the recovery rate of the fine sand.

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