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Rotary Drum Screen Maintenance Manual for Safe Prodution

The rotary screen maintenance manual is very important and directly affects the quality of final products, because of the influence of the site environments, materials properties, and the characteristics of the mechanical product itself. Rotary drum screen as a kind of vibrating equipment is mainly used for solid material sieving. Especially the self-cleaning sieving method and high screening efficiency have been well received by many users. Therefore, before and during the use of the rotary screen, it is particularly important to check the carrying capacity, and to use and maintain it properly.

rotary trommel screen

Checking in rotary screen maintenance manua

1. Whether the electrical circuits and switches are intact; whether the fasteners and bearing seats are loose.

2. Whether the drum transfer is flexible, the screenmesh is blocked or perforated, and whether the safety guard and blocking plate are complete and firm.

3. Grease each lubrication point.

trommel screen

Maintenance in rotary screen maintenance manual

1. When the drum screen is turned on for the first time or re-run for a long time, the motor insulation should be tested before starting. If the insulation is normal, it can be used.

2. Confirmingthat the rotary sieve is started under safe conditions; the rotary sieve must be started and stopped in the no-load state; the material should be uniformly fed, no hard impurities should be mixed in the material, and there should be no abnormal noise during operation, otherwise it should be stopped immediately.

3. A few days after the drum sieve used, the equipment’s fasteners should be checked frequently. In particular, the fixing screws on the cylindrical screen must be tightened in time if they are loose.

4. During the rotary screen operation, pay attention to the lubrication status of the transmission shaft and transmission, and add the grease regularly. Large bearings should be replaced with lubricant every two months, 2/3 is appropriate, otherwise it will cause bearing heating. The bearing should be cleaned once every six months, to remove the grease stains that are air-dried on the bearing to ensure the normal operation of the sieve.

5. Regularly removing the sticky materials and debris in the screen to avoid problems such as reduction of screening capacity caused by material blocking holes.

In summary, during the use of rotary srum screen, regular inspections must be performed in accordance with the process. Problems can be identified early and solved in a timely manner to ensure long equipment life, high efficiency and high quality work.

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