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DS series multi-function sand washing machine for sale

Posted: 2019-04-24

DS series multi-function sand washing machine has advanced technology from experienced plants, which is mainly composed of four parts: spiral sand washing machine, wheel sand washer, dewatering screen and cyclones. It has the characteristics of high production, low final water content, can recycle 0.074-3mm fine sand and solve sedimentation tank cleaning problem to get higher economic profits. It is widely used for crushed sand, river sand, lake sand or sea sand washing screening, recycling and dewatering.

sand washing machine for sale

The grading qualified sand and gravels through chute into spiral sand washing machine, the spiral mixer fully cleaning, soaking, breaking (for large and super-large excellent results) mud water into a separation plant classification; Then feed into wheel sand washer for second washing; Then feed onto dewatering screen for dewatering; At the same time, tailings water is discharged into cyclones to concentrate and grade, the fine sand re-entered into the dewatering screen for dewatering; Finally, the finished product feed onto belt conveyor to form stock piles.


1. High production efficiency and good effect. When put the raw materials in proportion, it reacts very sensitively and can be produced immediately. Compared to inferior equipment, the response is slower, the waiting time is longer, and the noise is also very high when starting work.

2. Good sand quality and gradation. The poor quality of stone washing machine produces a non-uniform grain size, which seriously affects the sand particle size and reduces the quality and price of sand.

3. Energy saving, which indirectly reduces the production cost of customers. On the contrary, inferior equipment consumes more power and consumes more water, which increases the production cost of customers.

LZZG is a professional minging machinery manufacturer in China. And will also continue to innovate and improve new style sand washing machine on the basis of our valuable experience, and we are very willing to provide high-quality products for customers.

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