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Four advantages of dewatering machine

Dewatering screen is the most widely used dehydration equipment in sand aggregate production line, with advantages of dehydration, sculting, desliming and effective screening. The finished products has high quality processed by dewter screen. Users can adjust the processing parameters according to the specific requirements, and control the granularity of finished products to make them more valuable. At present, LZZG dewatering screen model is maturity, which can meet the needs of different production.

dewatering screen advantages

Dewatering screen advantages

Quality advantage

Different from the natural sand storagemethods, dewatering screen is mechanized, so the quality of finished product is more guaranteed. Dewatering screen can handle more diversified raw material. In addition to the stone, tailings, construction and other resource, slag and other industrial solid waste can also use dewatering screen to become sand aggregate final products.

1. Great dewatering effect, final water content of finished products is about 12-15%.

2. High working frequency, high vibration intensity, high solid recovery rate.

3. Over 96% screening accuracy, large processing capacity.

4. Installed at a negative angle. The pre-dewatering section screen is installed at a 45 degree level with the horizontal to increase the dewatering area and promote the dehydration of the material as soon as possible to form a filter layer.

5. In order to adapt to the differences in the properties of different materials, the adjustable amplitude of this dewater screen can meet the dewatering effect of tailings with different properties, and efforts are made to achieve good process results.

Green advantage

The dewatering screen can effectively utilize various waste resources, which can increase the raw material source of the dewatering screen and improve the utilization rate of resources.

1. The vibration motor self-synchronization principle is adopted to save energy and reduce noise, and the startup is rapid and the parking is stable.

2. Low investment cost, small floor space and high economic efficiency.

3. Light weight, easy assembly and disassembly, easy maintenance, no sudden break spring.

Product advantage

As a professional manufacturer of mining equipment, longzhong will win the trust of customers with more professional service and make more value for customers with better quality equipment.

1. The side plate and the beam are connected by torsion-cut type high-strength bolts, and there is no weld seam, which avoids the problem of side plate cracking caused by welding stress.

2. The vibrator is a block eccentric unit body structure, which is easy to disassemble and maintain.

3. The polyurethane screen panel has high density, and the sieve plate is provided with reinforcing ribs.

4. The side plate has a reinforcing plate, the bottom is equipped with a support, the bottom is marked with a horizontal bar, the discharge port is supported by a triangular steel plate, and the plate is thick.

5. Can continuous production for a long time, single or double layer screening can be chosen.

6. Simple installation, convenient operation and maintenance, reasonable structure, sturdy and durable.

7. Screen hole and more models can be customized.

Additional advantage

For products with low mud content, the dewatering screen can also be used directly, without the need for a sand washing machine, which saves the cost of the customer and achieves the same effect.

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