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Lzzg Spiral Washer for Sand Production Line


Longzhong spiral classifier can effectively separate the mud among the material and clean the coal and sand. The materials are conveyed to the designated position while cleaning and drying as the spiral stirs. Coal processed by Longzhongdouble screw classifier has low humidity as well as powder, or mud. Our spiral coal washer is well-known for its strict triple sealing system, which guarantees the stability when processing.


Working Principle:

  1. Spiral spiral classifier operates based on the different particles of different grain size and density have different sedimentation speed.
  2. The sedimentation speed of particles with fine-grained size and small density is slow.
  3. The sedimentation speed of particles with course- grained size and large density is fast.
  4. The dust and impurities are separated from sand.
  5. The spiral slice agitates uniformly to filter the water and remove impurities to enhance transportation efficiency.


  1. Long spiral body and good sealing design.
  2. Simple structure, powerful treatment capacity.
  3. Easy to maintain and replace used parts

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