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How to Improve The Efficiency of Sand Production Line and Reduce The Cost?

With the rapid development of various construction projects, river sand has been unable to meet the number of sand people need for development and construction, and the amount of sand used for construction has increased dramatically. The sand production line can meet the production requirements of stone and artificial sand. In order to improve the quality of finished sand, the sand production line is mainly equipped with crushing, sieving, sand making, and sand washing process, which are strictly controlled.

river stone washing plant process

1. Quality control in the crushing stage–ensure the material is broken evenly

In the entire production line, the high-depth crushing chamber of the jaw crusher is used to crush the material fully and uniformly. Then, the coarsely crushed material is conveyed by the belt conveyor to the fine crusher for further crushing. The particles that meet the requirements enter the next process, and the particles that do not meet the particle size requirements are returned to the crusher to continue crushing.

2. Quality control at the screening stage

Generally, the circular vibrating screen is equipped in the sand production line for the screening of material particles. The materials that are not broken enough are screened out by the vibrating screen and returned to be broken again.

3. Sand making stage

The high-performance sand making machine adopts two kinds of crushing principles and a high-depth crushing cavity so that the large particles can obtain sufficient crushing force in the machine, ensuring the uniformity of the product and the row of the sand making machine. The entrance of the equipment can control the fineness of the sand to meet the special requirements of the user for sand, which is far superior to natural sand. In the whole crushing process, the material is crushed, not directly contacting the metal parts, but affected by the friction and crushing of the lining, which reduces pollution and improves the quality of sand.

4. Sand washing stage–determine the cleanliness of the sand

Artificial sand contains a certain amount of stone powder and mud powder, plus the violent collision during stone processing, the presence of a large amount of stone powder will seriously affect the quality of sand. In order to solve the problem of the powder content of artificial sand, the sand production line is equipped with the sand washing machine, which is used in conjunction with the sand making machine. The washing degree of the sand washing machine is very high. The sand particles cleaned by the sand washing machine are clean, pressure-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and of better quality. Sales are also better in the market. LZZG is a professional sand washing machine manufacturer that with 20 years’ experience in the sand washing industry, please contact us if you have this inquiry.

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