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What Is Belt Cleaner?

The belt cleaner is a cleaning device for the adhesion of the belt conveyor belt. The main function is to reduce the excessive wear of the conveyor belt and reduce energy consumption.

belt cleaner

What is the function of a belt conveyor cleaner?

1. Keep the conveyor belt clean, ensure that the conveyor belt has sufficient friction on the drive roller, and prevent belt slippage and deviation.

2. Effectively reduce the abrasion of the conveyor belt and rollers caused by viscosity and larger materials, and effectively extend its life.

3. Ensure that the conveyor belt runs smoothly.

4. Effectively protect the supporting rollers, brackets, driving rollers, and reversing rollers to ensure normal operation and reduce equipment maintenance rates.

What factors can cause the belt conveyor cleaner to fail?

1. Inappropriate selection of cleaner

The belt cleaners are divided into main types according to the structure: scraper type, rotary type, water spray type, brush type; According to the materials used, there are mainly: polyester ammonia cleaner, nickel-titanium aluminum alloy, alloy rubber cleaner; According to the working principle, there are mainly mechanical and electric. The selection of the cleaner should be based on the site conditions, and a sweeper that conforms to the working conditions should be installed.

2. Incorrect installation

The belt conveyor cleaner can be divided into 3 parts: head cleaner, middle cleaner, and tail cleaner. The installation positions of them are different, and their functions are also different.

Head cleaner

The head cleaner is used for cleaning the return belt. The cleaner is matched with the belt conveyor, equipped with heavy hammer tension and spring tension. The cleaning medium for ordinary belts is rubber strips, and the strong belts use alloy or polyurethane.

Middle cleaner

The middle cleaner is used to clean the working surface of the belt, so that the sticky material on the lower belt surface should not be transferred to the lower supporting roller and the reversing roller. The middle cleaner is installed within 5 meters behind the unloading point in the middle of the belt or 2/3 of the belt conveyor body (distance from the machine head).

Tail cleaner

The tail empty section cleaner is responsible for cleaning the front working surface of the belt conveyor tail, and is installed within 5 meters in front of the tail buffer roller frame.

belt conveyor cleaner

3. Tool headwear

The cutter head will wear out after the cleaner is used for a period of time. After abrasion, there will be a gap between the cutter head and the belt, resulting in a poor belt cleaning effect. The belt conveyor cleaner should be checked frequently, and if the cutter head is found to be severely worn, it should be adjusted or replaced in time. Ensure its cleaning effect and prevent the occurrence of belt return with the material.

4. Blocking

Blocking will cause the cleaner to deform, or the installation angle change, resulting in poor cleaning results. Always check and make adjustments in time.

5. Belt aging

After the belt ages, small cracks will appear on the surface, and small powdery materials will enter it. Scrapers and cleaners cannot be solved, only external forces can be used to solve them.

6. The length of the conveyor belt

The longer the belt, the more unstable the blanking, and the more likely it is to bring back the material. It is necessary to control the stability of the blanking, replace the damaged roller in time, and clean the crust on the roller.

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