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Treatment Method of Side Plate Cracking of Vibrating Screen

After the long-term operation, the vibrating screen is prone to breakage of the beam, track beam, and side plate. The cross beam and track beam can be solved by replacement. Cracks on the side plates can be welded. However, since the welding stress cannot be eliminated, cracks will appear again soon. The following mainly lists the treatment methods for the cracking of the side plate of the vibrating screen.

vibrating screen

Difficulties in the treatment of side plate cracks

The vibrating screen frame structure is riveted together by riveting bolts. If you want to replace the cracked side panel, you have to remove hundreds of riveting bolts on the side panel and rivet again, which is too much work. There is neither venue nor time to do this. If only a simple welding process is carried out, the welding stress of the side plate cannot be eliminated. Not only will it not achieve good results under vibration conditions, but it will also aggravate the extension of cracks or appear other new cracks.

Treatment technology of side plate cracks

The main technology of side plate processing is welding requirements, welding seam processing, and adding reinforcement plates for riveting. Necessary cleaning, shaping, and groove welding of side plate cracks. After welding, the stress should be eliminated, and the welding seam should be cleaned and polished. Finally, it is covered with a reinforcing plate and riveted with riveting bolts to strengthen the part.

Specific treatment method

1. First check whether the hexagonal bolt connection in the cracked area is reliable. Remove the riveting bolts on the angle steel on both sides of the side plate and the upper reinforcement plate, and check the damage between the angle steel and the mating surface of the plate. In the case of a qualified surface, ensure that the two ends of the side plate cracks are aligned.

2. Along the center of the crack, sand a bevel (inside the screen) over the entire length.

3. Weld perpendicular to the direction of the crack and the sieve plate, and strike with a needle gun after each weld to eliminate stress and welding slag.

4. Continuous vertical welding, each weld is hit with a needle gun until the welding is completed.

5. Grind and polish the welds until the surface is even and level with the surface of the side plate.

6. Grind the welds on the outside of the sieve, as little as possible. As long as the welding seam is cleaned, the base material of the side plate is exposed, and then the welding is the same as the inner side.

7. Polish the hole on the top of the side plate (the hole on the weld) to ensure that all burrs have been removed, and there are no grooves and dents.

8. Polish the coating in the finishing area, and then apply primer (both on both sides) on the side panels and reinforcement panels. Place the reinforcement plate on the inside of the screen and install as many bolts as possible. The reinforcement plate covers both sides of the weld repair area.

9. After tightening the bolts, drill several holes in the reinforcing plate to ensure that the cracks are covered, and install riveting bolts in the holes to tighten.

10. Polish the angle steel and the inside of the side panels, and apply primer. Add a reinforcing plate to the inner angle steel, and use at least 3 riveting bolts on both sides of the weld to be riveted.

11. After all riveting bolts are riveted, paint the top paint on the repaired area. After the topcoat is dry, seal the sides of the reinforcing plate with SIKA glue to prevent corrosion.

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