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How Much Does It Cost to Build A Sandstone Factory?


Generally, the total investment cost of a sandstone factory ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions. The budget involved includes early-stage certificate processing and mine purchase; mid-term equipment investment and plant construction; post-employment labor costs and equipment use and maintenance costs. Medium-term costs account for a relatively large part of the total budget, so users need to invest more energy in selecting equipment manufacturers.

limestone sand washing plants

Site selection suggestion

1. Convenient transportation, convenient electricity, and water.

2. Stay away from residential areas.

3. Choosing an underwind for reducing pollution.

4. The area of the plant and the storage yard for raw materials and finished materials.

5. Site leveling

Equipment configuration of the sandstone production line

1. Multi-stage crushing

2. Matching processing capacity of front and back equipment

3. Material size matching before and after equipment

4. More sieve less breakage, more breakage, and less grinding

5. Determine the belt conveyor based on the output and transport height difference

6. The flexible layout on site

Equipment needed to start a sand and gravel plant

The production process of a sandstone factory is generally hopper-feeding-crushing-sand making-screening-sand washing-finished sand and gravel, and each process is connected by belt conveyor. Therefore, the production equipment required by the sandstone plant mainly includes feeders, crushers, sand making machines, vibrating screens, sand washing machines, and belt conveyors. Other supporting equipment may also use dust collectors and wastewater treatment facilities. However, due to different processing standards, the size and hardness of raw materials are also different, and the specific equipment configuration will be different.

1. Vibrating feeder+jaw crusher+impact crusher+sand making machine+vibrating screen

It is suitable for sandstone plants with medium and low hardness raw materials. Its advantages are high yield and the good grain shape.

2. Vibrating feeder+jaw crusher+cone crusher+sand making machine+vibrating screen

It is suitable for sand and gravel plants where the raw material is extra hard (such as granite, river pebble, silica, etc.). The characteristic is that the output is high, the equipment wear is small, more durable, and the market price is high.

3. Vibrating feeder+hammer crusher+impact crusher+sand making machine+vibrating screen

It is suitable for sandstone factories with medium and low hardness (limestone, bluestone, dolomite). Simple process flow, small area, low cost, hammer breaking can be formed at once.

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