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How Does a Filter Press Work?

A filter press is a mechanical device that uses a special filter medium and applies pressure to the filter material to cause the liquid to osmose out. Filter presses are widely used in environmental protection industries such as sewage treatment, chemical industry, medicine, standard parts, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, dyes, food, brewing, ceramics, and oil refining.

tailwater treatment

Filter press classification

Classified by filter method: chamber filter press, plate and frame filter press, belt filter press, diaphragm filter press

Classified by structure: cantilever filter press, belt filter press

Classified by pressure: hydraulic pressing, manual jack pressing, mechanical pressing

How does a filter press work?

The filter press generally consists of a head plate, tail plate, filter plate, hydraulic cylinder, main beam, transmission and pulling device and other parts. The piston of the hydraulic cylinder pushes the head plate, so that the filter plate is pressed against the adjacent filter plate to form a filter chamber. The mud is sent into the filter chamber by the mud pump, the water permeates through the filter cloth and is discharged through the discharge port, and the solid mud forms a filter cake in the filter chamber. When the mud fills the filter chamber, use a high-pressure pump to continue to pressurize and filter the mud to separate the solid and liquid in the filter chamber.

1. Press filter plate

Operate the hydraulic system to move the tail plate to the head plate, and press all the filter plates between the head plate and the tail plate. Thus, a hollow sealed filter chamber is formed between adjacent filter plates.

2. Filtration process

The feed pump transports the mud from the feed hole of the tail plate to the filter chamber. When the filter chamber is filled with mud, the filter press process starts, and the mud is separated into solid and liquid by the pressure of the feed pump.

3. Loose filter plate

Operate the hydraulic system to return the head plate to its original position.

4. Filter plate discharge

The transmission chain on the transmission and pulling device pulls the filter plates apart one after another, and the filter cake falls off by its own weight and is transported away by the lower conveyor.

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