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Desander for Piling construction

A desander is a piece of drilling rig equipment designed to separate sand from the piling fluid. Abrasive solids which can’t be removed by shakers can be removed by it. The desander is installed before desilter but after shakers and degasser.

Piling Desander

There are basically two types of Desanders: simple and double cyloning:

Desander of simple cycloning: land recommended for sandy or sandy little bit thin. Sludge only happen once the cyclone after passing through a phase of screening in order to remove larger material.
Desander of double cycloning: need for sand or fine sand with many. Similar to single cycloning, with the difference that the sludge pass twice through the cyclone so as to separate the finest sand and silt even.


We are a desander manufacturer and supplier in China. Our JH series desander is mainly used for clarifying mud in circulation hole. It not only lowers construction cost but also reduces environmental pollution, being a piece of indispensable equipment for civil construction.



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