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Comparison of 2 Crusher Transmission Modes

The power transmission of the crusher includes motor-V-belt-pulley drive, motor-coupler-gearbox drive, motor-(gearbox)-V-belt drive, motor-coupler-gearbox-meshing gear drive, etc. There are many forms, but they can be generally divided into two categories, V-belt drive and gearbox drive. The following compares the two crusher transmission modes from various aspects.


1. V-belt drive

The V-belt drive is a widely used form of mechanical transmission. The V-belt drive uses the V-belt tensioned between the driving pulley and the driven pulley as an intermediate flexible member and transmits power through the frictional force generated between the V-belt and the contact surface of the main driven pulley.

Technical Feature

A. V-belt drive crusher belongs to powerful crushing equipment. Before the V-belt slips, the bulk materials are forcibly sheared, squeezed and crushed, which can well guarantee the product particle size.

B. Compared with the traditional toothed roller crusher, the transmission link of the V-belt drive crusher is provided with a safety pin protection device. When the belt is overloaded or about to slip, the safety pin can be automatically cut off to protect the motor and the V-belt.

C. The structure of the transmission link of the V-belt is simple, and the energy consumption of the intermediate link is relatively small.


A. The transmission ratio cannot be too large, otherwise, the wrap angle of the small pulley is too small, resulting in unreliable transmission.

B. The load cannot be too large.

C. The transmission ratio of a V-belt drive is equal to the ratio of the diameters of the two pulleys. If the pulley is worn, it will affect the gear ratio.

2. Gearbox drive

The gearbox is a relatively precise machine, and the purpose of the crusher to use the gearbox is to reduce the speed and increase the torque. The working process is, When the output speed of the motor is input from the driveshaft, it drives the pinion to rotate, and the pinion drives the large gear to rotate. Since the large gear has more teeth than the pinion, the large gear rotates slower than the pinion. After the output shaft of the large gear is output, the rotation speed of the large gear becomes slower.

Technical Features

A. The variable speed gearbox has precise transmission, high efficiency and low energy loss.

B. Gearbox transmission can match high-power loads, and can meet the requirements of the large processing capacity of the crusher.

C. Gearbox transmission is a rigid transmission, and the instantaneous impact will cause great damage to the gearbox. Therefore, the crusher driven by the gearbox has higher requirements for feeding materials, especially large pieces of iron that cannot enter the crushing cavity.

3. Comparison

A. There are teeth on the rim of the gear, which can be continuously meshed and transmitted, so the gear transmission belongs to the precise transmission. There may be slippage of the belt in the process of running power, which may cause a certain transmission error. Therefore, the transmission efficiency of the gearbox is higher.

B. The V-belt drive structure is simple and compact, with few failure points, low maintenance and low labor intensity. Due to the addition of mechanical protection devices, the transmission link of the gearbox is relatively complex, the number of failure points increases, and the maintenance amount is large.

C. The size of the driven wheel of the V-belt drive is large, so the height of the whole machine is high. The gear box-driven crusher has a lower height, which is convenient for on-site layout and maintenance.

D. Gearbox-driven crushers have higher production costs, longer processing cycles, and higher post-maintenance costs.

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