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Analysis of 10 Kinds of Faults of Fine Sand Recovery Machine

One problem facing the current production of mechanism sand is the serious loss of fine sand, some even above 20%. This not only causes loss to the enterprise and environmental pollution, but also affects the sand grading, the fineness modulus is too coarse, and the quality is reduced. Therefore, the importance of fine sand recovery machine is self-evident. However, it is inevitable that many problems will be encountered in production to affect production. So today summarize 12 common faults and solutions for recycling machines.

fine sand recovery machine

1. Abruptly reduced or lost sand

If it is found that the amount of fine sand recovery is significantly reduced of fine sand during operation, it is necessary to check whether the screen is broken or the bolts fixing the screen are loose. In the face of this situation, the solution is to change the screen or tighten the bolts.

2. Rack vibration

After the recycling machine works for a period of time, the bolts on the connecting frame or the bearing seat are loose during constant vibration. The troubleshooting method is to tighten the bolts and check them carefully.

3. Noise at work

Noise is because the change in gear pitch caused by gears. The general treatment method is to add enough grease and adjust the anchor bolts of the reducer and tighten them. In addition, bearing damage and sieve plate carriage break will also generate noise. In this case, the bearing or sieve plate carriage needs to be replaced.

4. High-pressure pump blocked

There is usually debris in the mud. Be careful not to allow excessive debris to enter the mud. It is best to connect the water outlet of the dewatering screen directly to the feed of the fine sand recovery machine. This can prevent debris entering the work from blocking the high-pressure pump.

5. Material deviation

The reasons for the deviation of the material may be

A. Two motors running in the same direction

Solution: Adjust any two-phase wiring of a motor to make the two motors run in reverse

B. One of the motors is damaged

Solution: Replace the damaged motor

sand recycling machine

6. No water from the pump

When the pump does not produce water, check whether the water inlet pipe is leaking or blocked, and then repair the leaked part or clear the blocked part.

7. Reducer malfunction

If the shaft of the fine sand recovery machine and the low speed shaft of the reducer do not reach the specified parallelism, it is extremely easy to cause damage to the gear. Therefore, it is necessary to refuel in time and adjust it to run normally.

8. Body damage

The machine must be timely and effectively maintained and maintained so that the equipment has as few problems as possible and prolongs its service life.

9. Bearing damage

The appearance of this phenomenon is a serious problem. It indicates that the bearing of the equipment has been cut off or the sealing ring has been damaged by unknown factors. May also be caused by long-term lack of repair and maintenance. The main elimination method is to refuel according to regulations or replace with new seals, and regularly clean and maintain the bearings.

10. Power burned

The main reason may be that water splashes out during the operation of the recycling machine, so be sure to cover the power supply with something before the machine starts to prevent the water from burning and not working properly.

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