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8 Common Faults And Solutions of Chamber Filter Press

The chamber filter press is a kind of filtration equipment used for solid-liquid separation of various suspensions. It is often used in dewatering operations of concentrate and tailings in concentrators. What are the common failures of filter press in daily operation? How to solve it?

chamber filter press

1. Damaged filter press frame

A. The mud is too thick and the feed port is blocked. Only the pressure of the hydraulic system itself is left between the filter plates, and the plates are extremely easy to cause damage due to prolonged pressure.

B. Insufficient feeding will cause excessive force or damage to the frame itself.

C. If the outlet is blocked by solids or the feed valve/discharge valve is closed when starting, the pressure will not leak anywhere, which will cause damage to the filter press plate frame.

D. If the filter plate is not cleaned thoroughly, the medium will leak, so that the mud cake cannot be formed.


A. Using the scraper to remove the mud from the feed inlet.

B. Reducing the volume of the filter plate.

C. Checking the filter cloth and clean the drain. Open the corresponding pressure valve and release the pressure.

D. Carefully clean and repair the filter plate.

2. Water seepage between plates and frames

When the hydraulic pressure is low and there are wrinkles and gaps on the filter cloth, it is easy to see water between the plate and frame of the filter press.


A. Increase the hydraulic pressure accordingly.

B. Once wrinkles or gaps appear on the filter cloth, replace the filter cloth in time.

C. Using the scraper to remove the lumps on the sealing surface in time.

3. Uneven filter cake or difficult to form filter cake

When the feed particle size is too small, the concentration is too low, the feed is insufficient or the outlet is blocked, uneven distribution of the filter cake is easy to occur, which makes it difficult to form a filter cake.


A. Appropriately increase or decrease the supply of materials according to the actual situation.

B. Clean up blockages, feed holes, drain holes, and filter cloth promptly and thoroughly, and replace the filter cloth when necessary.

C. Increase pressure or pump power. Start at low pressure and continuously pressurize.

4. The filter plate moves slowly

Excessive oil and dirt on the guide rod will cause the filter plate of the filter press to walk slowly, or even fall, which is very dangerous.


A. Clean up the oil stains and stains on the guide rod in time, and apply butter to ensure its lubricity.

B. It is strictly forbidden to apply thin oil on the guide rod.

filter press

5. The filter press makes an abnormal noise

When the filter press makes an abnormal noise, one is that the motor may be aging and the load is too heavy; the other is that the high-pressure oil pump is damaged; and the third is that the coupling is not concentric when the hydraulic station is installed. Improper placement of the coupling will cause the motor to swing too much, increase the load, and make abnormal noises.


A. If the motor is seriously aging, replace the motor.

B. If the hydraulic oil is abnormal, it is easy to cause damage to the plunger and needs to be replaced in time.

C. Correct the coupling again.

6. Insufficient flow of hydraulic system

Reasons for the insufficient flow of the hydraulic system: oil pump does not discharge oil; oil filter is blocked; oil tank oil level is too low, the oil pump is emptied; hydraulic oil viscosity is too high, oil suction is difficult; pump internal parts are severely worn, internal leakage is large, and pressure-flow cannot reach To the rated value.


A. Overhaul the oil pump

B. Maintenance sequence valve

C.Clean the oil filter

D. Replenish fuel in time

E. Change oil or increase oil temperature

7. Shotcrete occurs in the filter press

When the material cake is clamped in the sealing surface of the filter plate frame, the filter cloth is damaged, the sealing requirement is not met, or the feed concentration is too low, the phenomenon of spraying is easy to occur.


A. Washing or replacing the filter cloth

B. Properly increase the feed concentration to 500g/L.

8. Electrical failure

Wires are easy to fall off, the wiring is wrong, the parts are in poor contact or the parts are damaged, the screws are not securely tightened, etc., these problems will cause electrical failure.


A. Electrical personnel must have a solid knowledge of electrical principles in order to solve the electrical problems of the filter press in time when problems occur.

B. Accurately judge the electrical fault point according to the fault performance, so as to clean, repair or replace the fault, but also ensure that the electrical contacts are reliable.

C. Prioritize the inspection of the parts that are prone to problems to ensure the speed of repair to prevent unnecessary losses.

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