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Y series vibrating screen


Y series vibrating screen adopts the eccentric vibration exciter of N series. And the transmission adopts flexible connector. As a result, the amplitude is bigger and the vibration is much more stable than old types. Also the throughput and screening efficiency are greatly improved. Currently, Longzhong Y series vibrating screen has become the mainstream screen equipments in mining and construction industry. Its excellent performance make it be the favorite of investors.


It has the features below:

1.The exciter adopt outer eccentric block, the weight is light and the exciting force is strong.

2.Operators can easily adjust the amplitude and exciting force by changing the eccentric blocks quantity.

3.The vibration exciter is fixed on the side-bar of screen box and two exciters are connected by universal coupling, it is very easy to install and maintain.

4.The transmission adopts flexible connector ensures the stable performance.

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