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Widely Used Solid Liquid Dewatering Vibrating Screen


LZZG TS Series Dewatering Vibrating Screen is specially designed for desliming, demedium, dehydration. It is widely used in the process of classification and dehydration of granules and recycling of mud and stone.


Compulsory dehydration effect.
Adjustable vibration frequency to achieve the best effect.
Arc feeding screen surface to improve efficiency.
High-precision polyurethane deck.

It is mainly welded by plain carbon steel, can also be welded by various kinds of stainless steel according to customer’s requirement

Long Last Screen Mesh
Sieve plate is made of composite polyurethane, high wear resistance, the same mesh size and uniform distribution, last long.

Closed Tank
After dewatering, the sewage will flow down to the tank, keep the clean work site.

Supporting Device
Spring can absorb vibration enough, each group spring’s deformation and fatigue resistance is the same, service life of the spring is normally longer than 24 months.

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