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What is Washed Sand? What is Washing Plant and Equipment?


Washed sand, just as its name implies, it is the sand washed by water. Sand in river or artificial sand making line is washed by XSD wheel sand washing equipment or LSX spiral sand washing machine, then it will be classified by LZ series sand extraction machine or TS series dewatering vibration screen, and reduce the slurry content to 0.7%.

From the specification, sand can be divided into coarse sand, medium sand, fine sand and special fine sand. The washing plant and equipment produced by LZZG mainly including wheel sand washing equipment, LSX spiral sand washing machine, dewatering vibration screen, sand extraction machine, sand washing and recycling machine, sand washing and dewatering machine, etc. Each equipment has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example,the quality of sand washed by sand washing equipment is not good, then we can installed a dewatering vibration screen or sand washing and recycling machine. Customers can choose the best equipment according to the construction site.


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