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Improving The quality And Control Production Cost of Sand Aggregates

From the actual site, this article lists the main measures to control the production quality of sand and gravel aggregates, as well as the strategies to control the cost of concrete sand and gravel aggregates. Ensure the quality of sand and gravel aggregates, control production costs, promote the growth of enterprise economic benefits, and provide reference for similar projects.

sand washing plant

1. Site overview

The stockyard is located on the right side of the downstream exit of the dam of a water conservancy project, 2.2km away from the dam site. The raw materials in this yard have good particle gradation and relatively continuous particle size, which is more suitable for concrete aggregate.

2. Main measures to control the quality

A.Before mining, it is necessary to remove the covering layer on the top of the material yard to ensure that there are no grassroots, covering soil and other materials on the surface of the mining layer. Mining should be carried out in order from low to high. For the overburden, ensure that the width of the stripping boundary is greater than 0.8m in the planned mining area. The mining depth must be strictly controlled to ensure that the thickness of the reserved layer is greater than 0.2m.

B. Control particle size

The screening part is the most critical link to control the particle size of sand and gravel aggregates. The quality control of sand and gravel aggregates is mainly based on the requirements of concrete aggregate particle size and gradation. Advanced crushing equipment, vibrating screens, and screens with standard apertures are used to ensure that the concrete aggregate produced meets the classification quality standards and regulations determined by the specification. Multi-layer circular vibrating screens and drum screens are commonly used for screening and grading. The size of the mesh is divided into 5mm, 10mm, 20mm, 40mm, 80mm, and other specifications according to the different aggregate gradation.

C. Control mud content

Strictly control the inclination angle of the screen and the amount of raw material that needs to be screened, and equip it with a reliable and stable flushing system. The arrangement of the spray holes should be uniform, and the water pressure should be adjusted to an appropriate pressure during flushing. The water sprayed from adjacent spray holes must be crossed to ensure that the sprayed water can evenly cover the entire screen, otherwise, the arrangement number, spacing, and direction of the spray holes need to be adjusted in time.

D. Protect finished aggregate

When the screened sand and gravel aggregates are transported to the finished material yard for storage by a belt conveyor, they must be stacked in sections to prevent mixing in the yard. Set the product label on the stacking place of the finished materials, and the spacing between the aggregates for natural stacking without partition wall should be> 3m.

3. Control cost

A. Improve the production technology

Due to the different lithology, strength, and hardness of the raw materials, the production process, production process and production process for the production of concrete sand and gravel aggregates are flexible and changeable, and different production processes and equipment need to be selected according to the actual situation. For the key production link of screening sand and gravel aggregates, special attention should be paid to the production technology used, and as far as possible, skilled workers should be allowed to operate. Monitor the operation of the equipment from time to time and try to avoid problems in detail.

B. Increase the utilization rate of production materials

The material that has the greatest impact on the cost of the entire production process is the production material. Increasing the utilization rate of production materials to the greatest extent can minimize the waste of sand and gravel aggregates, which is especially important for the links of screening and finished product stacking and transportation.

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