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The new and effective Sand Washing Plant wins market


Sand Washing Plant produced by Luoyang LZZG is an equipment to be used in dehydrating, sculting, desliming. The big characteristics of the machine are that it can resolve losing sand problems in sand production industry, which is the patent product.

The new and effective Sand Washing Machine has remarkable advantages in production efficiency of making sand and granularity effect of final sand. In addition, advanced concept of environmental protection has been joined in the design of devices. The Sand Washing Plant can meet high standard currently of environmental production. So the new and effective Sand Washing Machine wins the market by excellent qualification.

Luoyang LZZG is specialized in producing Sand Washing Plant, including No.6 Sand Washing Plant, Dewatering Sand Washing Plant, No.7 Sand Washing Plant and so on. Besides, we can produce various mining equipments, such as sand washing machine, slurry treatment system, vibrating screen etc.

Luoyang LZZG has mature technology and long history in madding mining equipments, and we will give you professional and detailed analyze and guide about after-sales services. As a reliable manufacturer, we are worthy to believing and cooperating for long time.


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