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Classification cyclones


Mud cyclone: effective Mud Cyclone is widely used in desliming operation of various mental ore and non-mental slurry. Effective Mud Cyclone has reasonable proportion and good coordination on the basic of absorbing excellent research aboard. The machine can reduce mining loss, save users’ cost and improve production efficiency.

Slag Cyclone: Slag Cyclone can be used in the wet process desulphurization of power plant, lime pulp, crude oil slag, tap water removal, sewage treatment and other processing works. It can process effectively particulate impurity of coarse sand and mental and so on.

Concentrated Cyclone: Concentrated Cyclone need to together with thickener and filter, used in concentrating preparation before various minerals, mineral fine grinding flotation. Luoyang LZZG adopts the machine in GP tailing dewatering screen line.

Dehydrocyclone: Dehydrocyclone is mainly used in dewatering process of mineral slurry. According to different materials features and different environment of production and install, the machine can have different structure designing, whish has pressure drop, large processing an high dehydration efficiency.


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