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The introduction of ore production by washing screen equipment



Raw materials go through the bottom of bin inclined outlet directly into the cylinder washing griddle extension, material in the washer sequentially by rapid material guiding zone, soak zone, stir zone, secondary dipping zone cleaning zone. Raw material after cleaning the wash mill continuous immersion, stirring, rubbing and friction, so as to achieve the soil and mineral separates. After the initial cleaning materials and cleaning of sewage together into the cylinder discharge end of the screw washer for secondary cleaning wash griddle extension — in order to cleaning materials better , users can arrange the direction of water and material movement in the opposite direction, easily  cleaning ore and improve the utilization rate of the water. Raw materials are drum washer sieve extension of the inner spiral push screw washer, along with the rotation of the auger continuous are rubbing, mixing, kneading and pushing, finished product ore from spiral ore washing machine a feeding end is auger launched, by product conveyor conveying save into the finished pile, and cleaning sewage generated in the process through screw washer back bucket, a sewage outlet and sewer. Eventually discharged into three sedimentation tank wastewater precipitation operation to prepare for recycling.

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