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The First Time I Saw You – TS Dewatering screen


The first time I see you, I feel you,and I fall in love with you—TS Dewatering screen.


Dewatering screen, is also called dewatering vibrating screen, is mostly used for selecting and classifying powdery and granular materials which has been playing an important role for years. It adopts the shock excitation of motor as vibration source to make materials tossed over screen and meanwhile move forwards. Advanced structure,beautiful appearance, no blocking, less wasting in materials, easy to install and transport and so on. There are so many countless advantages with our machine that I just can not point it one by one for you.

When the vibrating screen works, the two motors which are rotate synchronously in the reverse direction drive the exciter to produce reverse exciting force. It will force the screen bring sieve to make bouncing motion together, thus throwing up the material periodically under the effect of exciting force to realize classifying process.

If you are searching for a sieve with good performance , if you just need a dewatering screen recently, then contact us and you are worth it.

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