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How to chose a suitable dewatering screen?


Dewatering screens are collectively referred to as dewatering screening machines, and there are many specific types. When we need to purchase a dewatering screen, how do you choose a dewatering screen that suits you? After years of experience in the manufacture of Luoyang Longzhong Heavy Industry Machinery, you can start from the following points:


dewatering screens


1. According to material properties. The properties of material mainly depends on the solid-liquid morphology, particle size, humidity, viscosity, bulk specific gravity, etc., as well as whether the material has special properties, such as high temperature, corrosion, static electricity. Because different dewatering screens are suitable for different materials, some are better at solid screening, some are better at liquid screening, some are good at fine screening, and some are good at coarse screening. Moreover, if the material has special properties, the material required for dewatering screen will be different, so this must be clarified. The above shows that material is the first factor to consider when selecting a dewatering screen.


2. According to the purpose of screening. The purpose of screening are mainly depends on whether you want to classify different size particles or remove impurities, or dewatering. Then choose the appropriate dewatering screen according to the difference between fine screening and coarse screening. The rough screening can be used linear screen; fine screening, dewatering screen such as a rotary dewatering sieve or an ultrasonic dewatering sieve can be selected.


3. According to processing capacity. Capacity is the ultimate goal of material screening, so you have to choose what you want to achieve.


4. Whether the screen is required to work continuously. The working time of screen is also related to the type, material, technical parameters of the dewatering screen.


5. Whether the production environment has special features: such as damp, dry, dusty, etc., or the environment has requirements for explosion-proof, explosion-proof, which is related to the choice of dewatering screen.


The above are some of the elements about the selection of dewatering screens summarized by LZZG. If you need dewatering screen, please contact our company, we will introduce you to the appropriate models and manufacture qualified dewatering screens for you.

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