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The characteristics of coal ash dewatering equipment (dewatering screen):


1. The whole screen of the dewatering vibrating screen is installed horizontally,but the screen must be a negative angle installation, to ensure that the forced dehydration effect;
2.Coal ash Dewatering screen  can choose stainless steel composite mesh, tension mounted; can also be made of stainless steel welded seam sieve plate, take pressing type installation to meet different needs;
3. Dewatering screen through the inverter to adjust the vibration frequency in order to achieve good dehydration effect
4.Dewatering screen using self synchronous liquid lubricated vibrator vibration, screen frame using a special noise reduction materials, and use of high-strength bolt connection to ensure the machine is reliable and reduce operating noise, machine operating noise 85dB (a) and similar sieve machine drop about 15dB.
5.Dewatering screen in the section of the set of curved sieve, improve the efficiency of dehydration;
6.Dewatering screen set to the feed box, to ensure that the material evenly to the screen surface;
7. with the overall chassis to screen for easy handling and installation;
8.Dewatering sieve filter layer on the filter to retain the retention of fines and the backlog of dehydration.

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