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The causes and solutions of big gear wear in mine ball mill

Mine ball mill is an important part of grinding system, ensuring its stable and efficient operation is of vital importance to the whole beneficiation plant. The big gear is one of the important parts of mine ball mill, and its service life will directly affect the service life of mine ball mill. Following listing the the main causes of wear of big gear in mine ball mill and corresponding solutions.

1. Gear hardness, gear sealing is not good

The hardness of the big gear of the mine ball mill must be above HB300, and the tooth surface hardness of the pinion must be above HRC45. Most of the ball mill transmission gear seal uses the end face pressure seal, its disadvantage lies in the gear seal insufficiency. After the mine ball mill runs for a period of time, the felt on the end face of the gear is squeezed for a long time and loses elasticity, resulting in a gap in the felt.


A. Improve the machining precision of gear and reduce the roughness of tooth surface.

B. Adopt new material to improve the hardness of tooth surface.

The alloy steel material 42CrMo4 and other normalizing hardness HB210-240 can be used to improve the contact strength and wear resistance of the big gear of the mine ball mill. In addition, the tooth surface of large gear can be hardened by cold work to improve the hardness and wear resistance of tooth surface.

C. Solve the problem of big gear into the mortar

To solve the problem of mortar into the big gear, such as improving the structure of the big gear cover, adding sand function, so that it has a reliable sealing effect. And improve the sealing structure of liner bolts to prevent slurry leakage.

2. Improper installation and maintenance of mine ball mill

The low installation accuracy of the mine ball mill or the deformation under load will cause the partial load, so that the contact stress of the tooth surface of the large gear is large and the wear of the large gear is accelerated. In addition, if the running and closing period is not well treated, the gear of the mine ball mill will be directly transferred to the stage of severe wear, thus aggravating gear wear.


A. Install in strict accordance with the installation procedures.

B. Good running and closing should be done at the beginning.

3. Ball mill late maintenance, maintenance is not enough

When in bad conditions for a long time, the components of mine ball mill will gradually age with time. The leakage of slurry from the bolt holes of the cylinder or the lining plate of the discharge end cover into the big gear without timely removal will cause the wear of the big gear to a certain extent. In addition, if the mine ball mill is in the state of lack of oil or no oil operation will cause dry friction, also aggravate the wear of large gear.


1. Select reasonable lubricating oil type and lubrication mode of ball mill.

2. Operators must strictly abide by the system of equipment use and maintenance, often observe the oil level, regular refueling, regular cleaning and oil change. The big gear should be cleaned and changed at least once a year.

3. Strengthen daily maintenance and overhaul.

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