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Some of the problems that should be paid attention to in the design of silica sand dryer equipment

Longzhong according to customer requirements and questions and practical experience summed up the customers’ use ills of silica sand dryer machine, how to avoid these disadvantages?


1, the material in the drum will not be “reciprocating motion” (equipment in the material “reciprocating motion” and “side fast multi loop movement” is our process flow of two different concepts). So the material in the drum will soon be blown away, the results of the material in the drum is too low, resulting in material and hot air dynamic and static contact area decreased.

2, only the concurrent flow drying, and drying process in saturated water vapor and cannot be discharged in time, so that the water vapor in the drum operation distance is too long, resulting in water is absorbed by dry material .

3, in order to limit the flow of materials to the direction of the flow, so only the rotation of the drum is very low, so the number of materials in the drum is raised also greatly reduced. Therefore, the dynamic contact times of the material and the hot air are greatly reduced.

4, the main engine is installed that the entrance of fire is high and the far fire side is low, it is an extreme error. Because this installation method can only accelerate the speed of material to flow to end fire, so that the material in the drum storage capacity reduced again, thousands of publicity boards are raising material at the same time , However, raised a little material. Such as a more than 20 meters long traditional drying machine in the normal production, from the mouth of the host to observe  the crater, you can see the flames clearly. This shows that there is very little material in the drum, the space utilization rate of the roller is very low, and a large amount of heat energy is lost in vain. At the same time, the design of the equipment causes  unnecessary obstacles of he operation of the silica sand dryer equipment. Because  in the installation of the  host that with tilt angle must be specially installed on a set of non slip wheel to fix, in order to prevent the equipment in the run down, very troublesome.

5, in order to increase production, import temperature is too high, the outlet temperature is too high, resulting in a waste of energy. At the same time also caused the decline of dried material quality; serious material color black; many even paste.

6, in order to improve the output,the dryer roller is made too long; diameter is too large; can not make full use of; resulting in heat loss; equipment covers a large area.

7, the wind speed is too low, causing the material and the hot wind dynamic and static contact dynamics relaxation, resulting in low efficiency of drying equipment.

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