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The operation guide of Sludge Treatment System

Sludge Treatment System is the patent product researched and developed by Luoyang LZZG, which has high degree of integration. Sludge Treatment System is full automatic operation, which greatly saves the manpower, but we still want to monitor equipment regularly during the period of the equipment operation status, in order to prevent bad equipment operation, or other accidents.


There are several points to note when running the device:

Firstly, observe the turbidity of mud filtrate regularly. Sludge Treatment System of Luoyang LZZG can be very good solid-liquid separation, so if filtrate is muddy, workers should stop running and adjust to avoid the recycling rate of sludge.

Secondly, do a good analysis. Regularly evaluate the moisture content in the mud cake after the mud treatment.

In addition, observe the appearance of mud cake on a regular basis. Under normal circumstances, the mud processed by Sludge Treatment System can form a dry mud cake, and there was no stickiness. If the mud cake is stuck to the filter cloth or the mud cake is not formed, the Sludge Treatment System is not working properly and should check the problem or adjust the parameters in time.

Finally, regularly check the wearing of Sludge Treatment System. However, Polyurethane Screen is used for the filter plate of Sludge Treatment System in Luoyang LZZG, which is resistant to wear and high pressure, so it is not necessary to check frequently.

During the operation of the Sludge Treatment System, the equipment should be tested strictly according to the above mentioned points, which can effectively reduce the chance of equipment accidents and improve the efficiency of Sludge Treatment System.

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