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Six Types of Mineral Feeder And Applications

The mine feeder is mainly used to continuously and evenly feed the processed or unprocessed materials to the undertaking equipment or transportation equipment. It is the necessary equipment to realize the automation of the mineral processing plant. The commonly used feeding equipment mainly includes the belt feeder, vibrating feeder, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, trough feeder, pendulum feeder, and plate feeder.

1. Belt feeder

The belt feeder is a kind of mining equipment that can withstand high pressure. In production, the belt feeder is mainly used to transport various bulk and granular bulk materials, and the feeding capacity is between 10~450t/h. According to the requirements of the conveying process, single conveying, multiple combined conveying, or forming a horizontal or inclined conveying system with other conveying equipment can be selected to meet the needs of different layout types of operation lines.

Belt feeder

2. Vibrating feeder

The vibrating feeder is a mechanical vibrating feeder with a coarse screening function. The vibrating feeder can uniformly, regularly, and continuously feed block and granular materials from the silo to the receiving device. In the beneficiation production line, the vibration feeder can continuously and uniformly feed materials to conveyors, bucket elevators, crushers, ball mills and coarsely screen the materials.

The motor drives the two eccentric shafts to rotate, generating a huge linear excitation force, so that the body is forced to vibrate on the support spring. The material uses this vibration as the driving force to slide and throw on the trough to promote the material to move forward to achieve the purpose of feeding. When the material passes through the screen bar on the tank body, the smaller material can fall through the gap of the screen bar.

vibration feeder

3. Electromagnetic vibrating feeder

Electromagnetic vibrating feeder is a relatively new type of quantitative mine feeder, which uses electromagnetic vibrators to drive the feeding trough to reciprocate periodically along the inclined direction to achieve feeding. When the vertical component of the acceleration of the feeder vibration is greater than the acceleration of gravity, the material in the tank will be thrown up and jump forward.

In mineral processing plants, electromagnetic vibrating feeders can be used to feed bulk, granular and powdery materials from storage bins or hoppers to the receiving device quantitatively and continuously, and can also be used as viscous granular powders. shaped feeding device.

Electromagnetic vibrating feeder

4. Pendulum feeder

The motor is decelerated by a V-belt and a reducer. The decelerated power is transmitted to the eccentric wheel with adjustable eccentric distance, and then the eccentric wheel drives the pendulum bottom plate to swing back and forth through the connecting rod. The ore located in the silo above the feeder passes through the inner cavity of the feeder and is discharged out of the machine in turn from the discharge port to ensure uniform feeding of the ball mill.

The pendulum feeder is mostly used as the mine feeder of the ball mill ore collecting belt conveyor, which is especially suitable for short-distance conveying of materials. The feeding particle size is 35~50mm, and the production capacity is between 0~25t/h. However, the pendulum feeder is not suitable for conveying dry powder or materials with large particle sizes, which is prone to dust pollution or blockage of the discharge port.

5. Chute feeder

The trough feeder is usually suitable for conveying small pieces of materials in a short distance and a certain amount of materials with a large specific gravity and is not suitable for viscous materials. Its particle size is 35-100mm. It can be equipped with an adjusting gate for controlling the height of the material layer, and a feeding plate that can move forward and backward can be installed at the lower part of the feeding chute.

The trough feeder can be erected on the ground or hoisted on the discharge port of the mine bin. The width of the tank body is about 2 to 2.5 times the larger particle size of the feed. The larger trough feeder can meet the feeding of ore with a particle size of less than 500mm. In the actual production process, most dressing plants often use 980*1240 chute feeders. The feeding particle size is 350~0mm.

Trough feeder

6. Plate feeder

The power of the motor passes through the reducer to promote the reciprocating motion of the eccentric mechanism connecting rod, and at the same time, the pawl pushes the ratchet to drive the active sprocket to rotate, and the supporting chain plate moves intermittently, so as to achieve the purpose of feeding. The plate feeder is usually divided into heavy(feeding size<1000mm), medium(feeding size<400mm), and light(feeding size<160mm) apron feeders.

Plate feeder

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