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Sand Washing Equipment Winter Maintenance Guide

Good maintenance is the basis for ensuring the efficient production and operation of sand washing machinery. Especially in the severe cold winter, when the cold snaps continue to hit, it is very important to do a good job in mechanical maintenance. Since most sand washing machines operate in harsh outdoor environments, it is more necessary for users to master certain knowledge about sand washing machine maintenance in winter.

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Sand washing equipment winter maintenance

1. Empty the accumulated water after shutdown

All water pumps must be insulated or drained of accumulated water in the pump body after shutdown to prevent the water in the pump body from freezing and damaging the pump body when the temperature drops to zero.

2. Pay attention to lubrication work

The viscosity and grade of lubricating oil and grease for winter equipment should be appropriately reduced. It is recommended to use lubricating oil with high thermal stability and oxidation resistance to increase fluidity so that it can better lubricate. In addition, winter is relatively dry. To prevent fire and other hidden dangers, the lubricant selected must also have certain flame retardancy. Therefore, it is recommended to use anti-rust, anti-corrosion, and anti-flammability lubricants.

3. Pay attention to the insulation of sand washing equipment

The sand washing production line is equipped with a ground pump device. It is necessary to prevent pipes from freezing and causing difficulty in clearing them. Exposed pump tubing must be insulated. Rubber and plastic insulation materials can be used to wrap pipes to reduce pump pipe rupture and help sand washing equipment produce and operate better.

4. Equipment warm-up

Check the equipment before starting it up. If freezing occurs, clean it immediately and preheat transmission components such as vibrators and reducers.

5. Equipped with professional operators

During the operation of the sand washingmachine, the operator is required to have professional operating methods. Therefore, operators must learn some knowledge about the construction operation of sand washing machines in winter in advance to ensure the smooth progress of winter construction.

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