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Sand Processing Machine Development

Sand washing machine is not only an important equipment for washing artificial sand and natural sand, but also indispensable equipment for washing limestone, pebbles, quartz sand, river pebbles and other materials. It is also the equipment commonly used in the sand production line. Sand washing machine is usually used with sand making machine, vibrating screen, feeder, crusher and so on.

In order to ensure the safe and smooth production of the newly purchased sand washing machine, the installation of the sand washing machine is a very important link and the fundamental reason for improving the production efficiency and safe operation of the sand washing machine.

How To Install Sand Washing Machine?

1. Choose the place where the infrastructure is solid to install, and usually choose to install it on the concrete and use the anchor bolts to fix it, so as to make the sand washing machine more stable and safer in the process of working.

2. Pay attention to the coordination between the mainframe and the horizontal and vertical, and avoid tilting, otherwise it will bring trouble to the production.

3. Check again whether each bolt is loose, whether the main engine door is fastened, etc., to ensure that the sand washing machine is installed foolproof.

4. Ensure that the power configuration power cord and control switch of the equipment are set reasonably, convenient and safe.

5. After installation, carry on the no-load test of the sand washing machine, and then guide the user to put into production after everything is normal.


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