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Mini type silica sand washing plant for 10 ton per hour


We often linked to many machines connected by dozens of conveyors when we refer to sand processing plant. In the sand washing plant, many customers always worry about the space and the quality. LZZG created the DS series multi function sand washing plant without conveyor, once it was born, has received a lot phrase from the customer all over the world.

In order to cater to the needs of smaller production customers, we produced mini type sand washer for 10-25ton per hour dealing with the wet sand.

It is made of spiral sand washing part, bucket part, recycle system and dehydration screen.

The spiral washing part receive <10mm wet granular often contains a lot of impurities and mud. With the rotation of the helical blades, the clean sand enters the bucket part for a second process washing so that we can get cleaner and better quality sand.

There is no doubt that spiral and bucket washing part can not avoid the fine sand loss in the water tank, when discharge to the environment, must pollute the ecology. So we designed the recycle system linked to the water tank of washing part, the slurry pump and cyclone help to make fine sand discharged onto the dewater screen, then made into a stock pipe by the belt conveyor.

This mini type sand washer often suitable for the materials like below:

1.Capacity: 10-25t/h

2.Max feed size: <10mm


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